Prismatic is not the only software package capable of performing STEM simulations! While we think Prismatic is likely the fastest due to our implementation of the PRISM algorithm, there are many other codes that have implemented the multislice and Bloch wave algorithms. Some of these codes are far more developed and flexible than Prismatic, and so we would encourage researchers to investigate other software.

List of STEM simulation codes

Code Authors Comments Links
xHREM Ishizuka   HREM Simulation Suite
computem Kirkland CPU par Computem Repo
EMS, JEMS Stadelmann   JEMS website
MacTempas Kilaas   MacTempasX website
QSTEM Koch   QSTEM website
CTEMsoft De Graef   CTEMsoft repo
Web-EMAPS Zuo et al. deprecated Status page
STEM_CELL Carlino, Grillo et al. CPU par STEM_CELL website
STEMSIM Rosenauer & Schowalter   STEMSIM webpage
MALTS Walton et al. Lorentz TEM  
Dr. Probe Barthel & Houben   Dr. Probe website
MULTEM Lobato & Van Dyck GPU par MULTEM repo
FDES Van den Broek et al. multi-GPU par FDES repo
uSTEM D’Alfonso et al. GPU par., inelastic uSTEM website
STEMsalabim Oelerich et al. CPU par STEMsalabim website
stemcl Radek, Tenberge, Hilke, Wilde, Peterlechner OpenCL GPU and CPU stemcl repo
Prismatic Ophus, Pryor, Rangel Dacosta, Brown, et al., multi CPU GPU, PRISM Prismatic website
abTEM Madsen, Susi DFT-enabled, GPU, PRISM abTEM website