Changes introduced in Prismatic version 1.2

  • Fixed a bug where the same random seed could be passed to multiple CPU threads, leading to duplicated atomic shifts in potential slices.
  • Added ability to output the simulation at multiple thicknesses / unit cell tiling repeats.
  • Probe step size (sampling) can now be automatically used.
  • Added support for HDF5 file saving.
  • Added center-of-mass DPC outputs.
  • Added the ability to pre-specify a detector range.
  • Images are now saved in .png format.
  • Many, many optimizations for cmake compiling . . .
  • pyprismatic updated!

Features planned for future releases

  • Ability to specify arbitrary aberrations.
  • Simulation of incoherent effects such as temporal (energy) spread, angular spread, finite source size, blurring due to mechanical vibration, etc.
  • GUI overhaul.
  • Ability to reload output files into the GUI.
  • Closer integration of pyprismatic with py4DSTEM.